Decon 19 is a colorless broad spectrum cleaner. It s non staining formula is safe to use on most any surface or fabric. Proven to kill odor causing bacteria and micro organisms, Decon 19 performs outstandingly on hard surfaces in food processing processing facilities and equipment, homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, day care facilities, offices, shops, buses and other public transportation vehicles, locker rooms, kitchens and restrooms, kennels, exercise facilities, and beauty barber shops. 

Decon 19, powered by EM Xtreme and ynTech, is an effective replacement for bleach and quat based products while remaining non corrosive, non hazardous, and non toxic. Decon 19 has been formulated to deep clean hard surfaces and objects including walls, floors, counters, sinks, toilets, cabinets, tubs, showers, doorknobs, telephones, stove tops, waste containers, tables and chairs. Also idea for toys, diaper pails, diaper changing tables, bathroom and kitchen counters, telephone, doorknobs, cribs,playpens, activity centers and tanning beds. 

Decon 19 works in any temperature and because it contains just the right amount of EM patented ynTech. Decon 19 is capable of removing soil and buildup. The result is a solution that quickly degrades petroleum hydrocarbons, vegetable and animal fats, oils, greases, waste solids and other organic com pounds with an easy to apply and versatile treatment. Because Decon 19 is instantly reactive, it can be used in any cleaning environment where cleaning and odor control is desired. 

Decon 19 is FIFRA exempt as per 40 CFR 152.25 (f . 

The formula and its ingredients meet or exceed the EPA s afer Choice program requirements for both the safety of the environment and the user.