Technical Specifications


Odor Control on Food Contact Surfaces – Dilute 1:32 FORM: Liquid ODOR: Mild Soapy Odor 

Odor Control on Non-Food Contact Surfaces – Dilute 1:64 CO LD ST ABILI TY : 30° ° ° F F DE TERGENCY : Excellent 

Control of Spoilage, Deterioration, and Fouling on non-pourous PHOSPHATES: None 

surfaces – Dilute 1:10 WE T TING ABILIT Y: Excellent 

Control of Bacteria in Cooling Towers – 100ppm dose 

Recommended Control of Odor Causing Bacteria – Dilute 1:64 

Control of Algae Growth – 20ppm recommended initial dose 

Neutralization and Removal of Odors – Dilute 1:64 


Removal of Mold Stains from Surfaces – Dilute 1:10 

Control of Microorganisms Infectious Only to Animals – Dilute 1:64 

Toxicity Studies 

Toxicity Limits: Test Procedure OECD 202, 48 hr. LC 50 and LD 50 (rat oral: NON-TOXIC 

Mutagenici Mutagenicity Limits: OECD Guidelines Sec. 471 Chemicals: NON-MUTAGENIC 

Dermal Irritation & Corrosion A modified Draize method was used as described in OECD Guidelines f or the Te sting of Chemicals Se c. 404 and complies with the requirements of OECD Principles of GLP , Annex r evised as of July 1992. 

Decon-19 is classified as a “Non-Skin Irritant”. 

Biodegradation & A quatic Saf et y Te st Pr ocedur e: Hach Reactor Digestion method for Wa ste Wa ter and Sea Wa te r. Hach Reactor Digestion Method is a semi-micr o adaptation of the Standard Methods . 

Decon-19 is 100% Biodegradable. 

Classifi cations & Approvals 

Exempt from EPA registration under minimal risks pesticides exemption FIFRA section 25(b) 

D.O.T., IMO, IATA , IMDG – Non-Regulated 

TDG – Non-Regulated to and through Canada 

SARA 313 311/312 – This product does not contain any ingredients that are subject to the reporting requirements. 

California Prop 65 – This product does not contain any ingredients known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or any other reproductive harm. 

FDA – Approved as Safe (GRAS) 

USD A A uthorizatio n A1, A2, A3, A4, A8, C3 FLAMMABILITY: Non-Flammable BOILING POINT : 214° F SO LUBILI TY IN WA TER: 100% VOCs: None VOLA TILE BY VOL UME: N/A CARCINOGENS: None SHELF LIFE: 1 Year 

This product is exempt from EPA registration under minimal risks pesticides exemption FIFRA section 25(b) Decon-19 kills odor-causing bacteria on food contact surfaces and on non- food-contact surfaces. Decon-19 kills bacteria that cause spoilage, deterioration, or fouling of materials on a variety of surfaces, textiles and paper products. Purgo kills bacteria that cause fouling in cooling towers. Decon-19 kills odor-causing bacteria. Decon-19 effectively controls the growth of algae. Decon-19 neutralizes and removes odors. Decon-19 removes mold stains from surfaces such as patios, decks and most other structures. Kills and controls micro-organisms infectious to animals. 

Decon-19 is Exempt from FIFRA Registration. Decon-19 is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Bureau of Pesticides, Pesticide Registration Section. 


Non-D.O.T. Regulated/Non-D.O.T. Hazardous EXEMPT as per 49 CFR 173.154(d) (1) <6.25 mmpy 

  1. O. T. classifies a material to be corrosive and hazardous if it has a corrosion rate that exceeds 6.25 mmpy on SAE C1020 carbon steel or 7075- Y6 Aluminum. 

Additional Studies & Results: When tested, Purgo showed no potential for the generation of Carbon Dioxide under NIOSH 7903 OSHA & ACGIH testing protocols governing workplace environments. 

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